iphone 4’s antenna issue

Since the iPhone 4 was launched in June 8 during WWDC, Apple has got its fair share of accolades and criticisms. Well, beside the major breakthrough on the new model; retinal display, better battery life, gyroscope blah blah blah Chatterbox, one major down side is the antenna problem, which made it a major issue of concern in the Apple camp, who had hoped that this new model would tighten their grip on the smartphone market, ahead of Android-based phones and RIM’s Blackberry.

This prompted Apple to come up with rectification efforts, one of it is to make available an OS update, 4.0.1, to tackle the software issue, a series of other marketing gimmicks, to woo back its customers. These gimmicks, which include free cases for the next purchase of iPhones, and full refund for undamaged iPhone 4s, were announced in a scheduled press conference by Steve Jobs in Cupertino yesterday. They even have a link now for customers to understand more about antennas and signal attenuation, comparing iPhone 4 with the other phones such as BlackBerry Bold 9700 Bring it on, Samsung Omnia II, and an HTC Droid. Well, as a friend tweeted me yesterday, ‘our shit is their shit too’

The video above was shown right before Steve’s press conference. Funny. Enjoy it.. Big Grin

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