world cup 2010 – continental statistics

Every football fans have been talking about the South American flavour in this year’s World Cup, with all their qualifiers, a total of 5 of them,
Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay have qualified for the Round of 16.

The same cannot be said however with their European and African counterparts, who have failed to really provide the spark. I dont know That includes the failings of 2006 finalists, Italy and France. Out of 13 who had qualified, only 6 -that’s less than 50%- Germany, England, Netherlands, Slovakia, and Iberian neighbours in Spain and Portugal have qualified, all playing against each other, meaning their number will be cut-halved to three come the Quarter-Finals.

Africa meanwhile were disappointing in the first World Cup on their continent. Some even anticipated that this will be the year for an African country to finally become the World Champions. Out of 6 qualifiers (including the hosts South Africa), only Ghana have qualified, with heavily favoured Nigeria and Cameroon the biggest disappointment.

Asia and CONCACAF countries have both gained from the European and African demise, as Asia provided 2 out of 4 qualifiers (South Korea, Japan), and CONCACAF provided 2 out of 3 qualifiers (USA, Mexico).

Oceania provided New Zealand as their sole representative, but went out after a World Cup they can be proud of. 3 draws in 3 matches against Italy, Paraguay and Slovakia, not a bad feat for a nation in only their second tournament.

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