a canticle for leibowitz

I came across this book while browsing through what is called the ‘Top 10 Post-Apocalyptic Books’ on Time online. You can read the review here. It’s author, Walter M. Miller Jr., published only one (yes one! Thinking) book during his whole lifetime, and it was an instant hit. It has never been out of print, and for the record, it won the 1961 Hugo Award (wiki: The Hugo Awards are given every year for the best science fiction or fantasy works and achievements of the previous year) for Best Science Fiction Novel. The story revolves around a post-nuclear earth, and chronicles the world’s society across 1800 years, it the books 3 parts; Fiat Homo (Let There Be Man), Fiat Lux (Let There Be Light) and Fiat Voluntas Tua (Let Thy Will Be Done). Certainly an interesting book to read, and it certainly falls into my genre. Gotta go and get it! Big Grin

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