about a boy and a girl…cigarettes and beer…

In case you haven’t heard, last month there was news all around about an 18-month old baby, who’s hooked on fags. The report says that he puffed 40 sticks on daily basis, which is a feat! That’s 2 packs a day!! Any attempts to avoid him doing so will cause the boy to cry and throw tantrums. Making things even dodgier, the boy even gets the approval from his father, saying he looks healthy, and smoking is not a problem. Whattt???!!! Surprise

Well, latest is that he has cut down his daily intake to 15 ciggies per day. Is that good news? At wits end The video below is a testament to the report.

Well, just as we are about to hang on to this already shocking, at the same time bizarre story, another report revealed that a Chinese toddler, 3, is also addicted to ciggies…and booze. Doh ADOIIIIII…MATILAAAAA…

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