gifts anyone?

As I was looking for some idea for my Mom’s birthday present on the web (her birthday was on Valentine’s Day by the way Birthday Cake), I stumbled upon this website, where I believe is a natural ‘I-want-them!’ for Moms out there. Big Grin It is a shame though that this is an American-based company, Pomegranate Inc., so for those of us who are interested (my Mom would! Winking), too bad.

However, to those in the US, and are looking for quality kitchen and household accessories, such as table runners, table cloths, aprons, hand towels, printed napkins, or soft gifts such as tote bags, and quilts, do visit the link above as you will find plentiful products that might just fit your desires.

You can browse for the stores through its link in the homepage, and just key in your Zip Code to find the nearest store to you. For those who are interested in becoming the retail agent (hmm..anyway I can become one half-a-world away? Interesting thought… Thinking), you can always call them at a hotline number, or email to the address given on the website.

Pomegranate Inc. is a company based in Lexington, Kentucky, and every year, sometime in the months of April/May and November/December, it will hold its semi-annual warehouse sale, where its products are sold at a very minimum price. It’s will be a good idea for those nearby, or who happen to be nearby, to visit the place. In fact, there will be 2 warehouse sales to be held in the coming weeks; April 22-25 in Lexington, and May 6-9 in Louisville.

So Mom, that was why I got you something else for your birthday… Go local, but I know you would have preferred something ‘overseas’! Tongue


azrInah said...

seweng, I really think you should update your blog! It's been a very long time since your last post! so, why don't you visit my blog, and do the tag thing! Sia tag ko nih!

Gamb said...

Wonnderful post! These are some good tips, but theres better ones out there. I would definitely research it, Baccarat is by far the best game ever.

Twiggy said...

i always have the saaaame problem. what to get mom and dad for their birthdays!!!

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