to off or not to off

I was on a plane recently from Bintulu to KL when one incident happened to a guy sitting nearby. First of all, if you are familiar with flying, you will also be used to the flight attendants asking the passengers NOT to switch their mobiles phones on, as this will interrupt the plane's electronics. Electronic devices such as media players, laptops, are exceptions, for they are only unusable during take-offs and landings.

One thing that caught my attention since long, which happened to the same guy I mentioned above, was the option 'Offline' which we have in some of our mobile phones. Is it valid to switch to this option, while in a flight, or do we have to switch the phone off completely. On a few occasions I've seen the stewards or stewardesses asking, both polite and rude, the passengers to totally switch their phones off, rather than switching their profile to Offline mode. I sometimes get confused by this also, I'd switch my mobiles off, to avid unnecessary confrontations.

I'm not sure where my source was, but these so called electronic devices are defined by groups, or Classes, name Class A and Class B devices. Either one of them would mean the devices would transmit a certain signal, or waves, which will interrupt the plane's systems, while the other Class does not emit such signal, thus permitting devices such as mp3 players and laptops.

I can't be so sure myself, maybe anybody out there can provide some light for this. But definitely, for sure, I am sooooo against those who switch on their mobiles before being in the terminal building, as required! So irritating!!! Angry

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