sobsobsob...so sorry my beloved friends... :'(

One thing that I regret working at the Capital, is that I will miss the so many events back home, besides of course my family , and friends. The fact that it's so hard to get on the net doesn't help okay! Sigh I celebrated my 2 months old job at the certain oil company recently...errrr...exactly 9 days ago today. Before I went to the Capital, I was contemplating on the possibilities of missing the 'oh-so-near' events; Sabahan Bloggers' Gathering 2008, Loriot and Brenda's, Ben Liew and Lindsey's, and Reiner and Alice's Wedding Receptions in KK. But I didn't want to believe the pessimism, and stick on the positives. Yes, I'll be back for the SBG 2008, and yes of course, I'll be there for the weddings! Why do people create 080808 anyway!!! DARN! All due to my new job's constraints... Crying

KDCA_back_final KDCA_front_final putra_wed_card_final

So, to all my fellow Sabahan Bloggers...I am so sorry I will not be able to attend. Sudahla I haven't been in the Blogosphere that often nowadays, let alone hopping into your blogs, and now this...I know, I know, I'm in the 100 list!!! And yes I know Oja, you called, must be about the SBG eh...malu la wanna talk to any of you guys. Crying Hopefully the Gathering will be a bomb. I know it will. With the best Organizers at helm, what else can go wrong eh! Nuffnang?! WOW! VedaBlu...I miss VedaBlu...Do send me pictures okay, though it will be heart-wrenching! We know we have some of the best photographers in Malaysia from Sabah! Big Grin

To my best friends; Loriot, Brenda, Ben Liew, Lindsey, Reiner, Alice...well, there's not much to say. I know a million apologies might not be enough. But I won't be able to attend your Big Day. I know there are no valid excuses, but I will be occupied during that weekend, precisely on the 7th - 11th August.

I'm still sad, and crying... Crying

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