Something interesting I read in the news today. Big Grin

A HUSBAND suspected his wife was having an affair with another man. He was wrong. To his shock, he discovered a VCD with explicit scenes of his wife having sex with a woman.

Harian Metro reported that the woman was the wife’s office colleague and the affair had been going on for the past few months.

The paper said the man grew suspicious when his wife came home from work with love bites on her body. He thought she might be fooling around with a male colleague.

He confronted his wife, who denied having an affair with any man.

A whole new light was thrown on the affair when the husband found the hidden VCD and discovered that his rival was a woman.

Hmmm... Thinking


mangosteenskin said...

hmm...mcm meremang bulu telinga baca ni crita.

ingat, jangan simpan rahsia dalam vcd. hehe.

Ratu Syura said...

Hahaha! Isn't that like every man's dream?? :P

Shemah said...

why lah these people never learn ahh?? hahaha.. but subconsciously these people memang minta kedapatan bah ni kan?? :) But my friend pun pernah bah kena dump for another girl. It wasn't the best of times, obviously.. our guy friends wouldn't let him live it down. So kesian... :(

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