another tower collapse!

One day after the KK Freeze, on 21st April 2008, the whole of Sabah came into a standstill when 90% of the state were deprived of the supply of electricity. It should be marked as the 'darkest day' ever in the modern annals of Sabah. But due to the delayed nature of this post, there is no need to elaborate now. However, as we all know, the blame was put on an act of vandalism by errrr...vandals, which caused a transmission tower to collapse. Which made me think, who to blame...the people who sell, or the people who buy. Thinking

Nevertheless, what happened after the incident were the things that should bring the attention to the people now. First was the tragedy when 1 TNB worker died and 4 seriously injured after the temporary tower built in place of the original tower collapsed. It happened when the cables which were supporting the tower failed, causing it to lose its strength and collapse. Pity the fellow, came all the way to Sabah to meet his death.

The second incident was, well this is a shocker. Another transmission tower collapsed! I knew about it this morning when Abah called me all the way from Shah Alam about another tower which had failed near the UiTM Campus in Menggatal. Of course, the most apparent reason is another act of vandalism. So it was relieving to hear SESB MD, Ir. Baharin Din saying that currently, a thorough inspection of all towers, covering 700 km of transmission lines throughout Sabah is currently underway. He also mentioned that the people who are in the the scrap metal or recycling business will also be scrutinized.

But I suggest an independant commission should be formed to investigate these seperate but similar incidents. Don't you think that it was too easy to come up with a conclusion without even investigating thoroughly first? I have always had a hunch in my guts since the 1st tower collapsed that there are more to it than just mere vandalism. Other aspects such as the stability of the foundation, earth movements, design, quality of the material, et cetera et cetera et cetera should also be reckoned. The manner of the handover from contractors to the client (in this case, SESB) should also be investigated. Maybe from here we can get at least the simplest of clues on how the real situation is. Manggis just told me that another tower had also collapsed in Pahang. Isn't it too apparent that 3 towers fell in 2 states, in 9 days? Something really has to be done, because there are hundreds, probably thousands of towers scattered in the country, with many innocent lives hanging on them. I work on towers too, I know! Praying And so are Manggis and her hubby, so we know!

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