to all...

Dear all,

Since ezooone@seweng was uploaded into the cyberspace, it has garnered traffic at a steady, if not fast pace. It might not get as much visitors as my fellow bloggers here, here, here or here, but I feel happy since it has touched a few hearts and I feel I am accepted in the blogosphere. And I really don't mind stalkers! Made me increase my circle of friends too!

But unfortunately there are also a fraction of these stalkers who have been messing with my life lately. And they are messing, messing and MESSING! Some of you people out there are trying to make my life hard, which I really do not understand at all. I cannot make clear what is the intention, or what you are trying to get by doing such things, but I really do appreciate if these annoying bastards and bitches do not stalk my blog anymore. I have a life, and I plan to live my life, according to how I want it to be, and whoever I want to be.

I wish to state a few pointers, some dos and don'ts for you out there to abide to when you stalk this blog.

  • Please, for courtesy, leave your name (that I know of, not 'ANONYMOUS'!) when you comment a particular post. I will really appreciate it.
  • Please, if I don't know you, respond when I ask for introduction.
  • Please, accept the fact that whatever is posted here is regarding me, and my life.
  • Please, there is no need to read the posts in my blog, and then tell the whole world about it. If it is for good causes, I don't mind. But when things get bad backstage, that's when I get soooo mad! Angry
  • Please, do no think of me as a jerk.

The list will go on, but I will add as soon as I think of one. Also, due to these issues, all comments coming in will have to be moderated. Sorry for the difficulties dear all, but it is for everybody's own good.

To the majority of you who do not fall in the bracket no worries, please don't get confused or misunderstood, this post ain't meant for you. But this is how annoying I am. If things go awry I might have to limit my blog to a few of my friends only.

Thank you.

Yours Sincerely,


Ratu Syura said...

Mana tu stalker? Mari kita hantam! LOL! Chill dude! I know it can be pretty frustrating having stalkers around, but I guess that's what comes with the territory of blogging, right? Install la statcounter so you know where your readers are coming from. Can even get their ISPs, so beware stalkers!! You people should really get a life!

seweng said...

haha...tengkiu for the advice bos!

yeah its annoying,and its so sad.but i have to live it.n its even harder when it comes from ur nearest ones.

i sun really mind having stalkers,as long as they enjoy reading my posts.but please do not mess up my life. :(

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