my Abah and his watch

Last night I was a bit on the nostalgic side with Abah. He showed me this one very ancient looking watch. I wonder where he found it, but to my surprise the watch was still working well. As usual as he is, he asked me that trivial question about the age of the watch. Well I remembered his story that he got it from my Atuk, but I was kinda blur so I couldn't really figure out which year he got it. Abah and I have very much the same characteristics so instead of waiting for me to calculate the answer inside my slowing brain, he answered, '35'. Man, that was in 1973! Vietnam was still at war!

Abah's Old Watch
The watch comes with day and date...canggeyyy!!!

Abah's Old Watch 1 

As I said, there is a story behind the watch, that will be etched forever in Abah's heart, and maybe those closest to him, like me. Happy It may be short, but it has an impact to some of us, as a reminder of someone we really love. The story is a bit vague, so I apologize if it lacks accuracy.

My Arwah Atuk went through a lot to buy the watch for my Abah. If I am not mistaken, Abah teased him about buying him a watch or maybe not specifically a watch but a gift, to commemorate an occasion. I don't remember what occasion it was, probably it was Abah's graduation or something. Big Grin

So Atuk had to painstakingly borrow some amount of money from his friend, or member of the family to buy the watch as a gift. Isn't that so touching...Abah comes from a poor family, so to get him a Seiko at that time was probably out of everybody's mind.

Anyway, not so long after that, my father went to the States to further his studies, with the watch always with him, of course as a reminder of his father and his family back home. Until one day, the watch went missing. Not so long after that, he received a telegram, saying that Atuk was gravely ill, asking Abah to come back the soonest. By the time Abah arrived home, Atuk was already buried. Imagine the sadness that sure grips Abah's heart.

It always touched me when I remember the story. Abah and Ami always tells me and Ajan (my brother) stories of their past, which made me wonder, if there ever be a chance for us for life to be that hard again. Not that I want life to be hard, but I believe that was why we became what we are today. Without the life Abah and Ami experienced in the past, there might not be a chance for Ajan and I to achieve what have achieved now.

If I get the job in that certain-oil-company, Ajan (by the way, Ajan is with Shell) and I would like to dedicate our achievements to Abah and Ami. Though it may not be enough, but thank you for making us the way we are. Being a pain in the ass as we are, we love both of you so much. Nothing compares. Big Hug


Shemah said...

You see.. you turn me into one weeping blubbering emo wreck oredi. *sniff sniff* It's so touching.. *sniff sniff*

mangosteenskin said...


kisah yg sedih.

redSeptember said...

love the story....very nostalgic and meaningful.

red pun ada kisah pasal g oversea, and tau2 ada yang passed away while i was there. i cried for days, thinking of what she last said to me before i flew away.....

kisah silam untuk masa depan

Bernard said...

Sad story indeed. My dad also have a watch that still working until today. If I'm not mistaken, it is about 35 years old too. But he bought it by himself by earning money by working. He also does not come from rich family. He still keep the watch to remind himself about his own hardship during his younger days.

impedius said...

"Though it may not be enough, but thank you for making us the way we are. Being a pain in the ass as we are, we love both of you so much. Nothing compares."

Well said bro. :-)

seweng said...

shemah sedih kan...me oso sebak when think about the story,although my father slalu crita sambil ktawa2,but i know deep inside he's a wreck oso

mangosteenskin kan kan...

redseptember eh...where'd u go?anyway...sedih kan when u can't be next to that person during his/her last moments.apa lagi klu someone yg kite sayang..huhuuu...

bernard our father and mother's days last time were so hard eh bernard...imagine yourself now,in that period of time...can you handle?i will always respect people in those days

impedius thanks bro!

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