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This is the latest for today in Malaysian politics

  • Anwar Ibrahim is back! His political ban officially expired yesterday. Throngs of supporters greeted him last night at Sultan Sulaiman's club to hear his address. He reiterated his statement that the Pakatan Rakyat is ready to form the next Federal Government (but not in a hurry), easily wresting it from the more-than-obvious weakened Barisan Nasional.
  • Chua Jui Meng will be contesting the Party President's post in the upcoming MCA election. He hopes to bring the glory days back to MCA after the disaster following the recent General Election. Applause
  • As usual, Pak Lah says there is no need for him to step down, and leave the party (which party? UMNO? BN?) in disarray. BLAH! Time out Can someone hand him the magic cane please, maybe he can convince us better using that.

Honestly, it's obvious that in politics, power is more important than the needs of the Rakyat. Everyone in politics talks first above all about retaining, regaining, or obtaining power before talking about the Rakyat. I know, people will argue that power is the vehicle to take care of the Rakyat. But sometimes it has gone too much. And we all know, with politics, comes money, comes fame, comes everything else that will make people eventually forget, and take GOOD care of their own pockets and arses. Take a look at these 2 tales of our so-called leaders.

Pak Lah is not one to budge from his responsibility and resign, yes, probably some people will respect that. But what would you expect when you don't even get the support of the upper echeleons, let alone the grassroots. Didn't he read the newspapers yesterday (I am referring to that interview with Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin)?

Anwar meanwhile constantly speaks about running the country eventhough he does not even have a seating in the Parliament. Although there are imminent rumours about him making a comeback by contesting in a by-election, as soon as Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim vacant his Bandar Tun Razak seat, but a little bit of modesty is very much appreciated.

Is there anyone out there who actually care about us, the Rakyat? The way I see it, even with the so called 'Political Tsunami', and all the hype around it, I dont' think so. It seems that everybody is busy trying to become PM, DPM, Ministers, Deputy Ministers, Secretaries, so on and so on. In politics, nothing is ever black and white, it is always grey. Sad isn't it? Confused

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