kk freeze in city mall [pending post :)]

As I mentioned here, I have have few things to post since the beginning of the week, but I was so tied up last week, so they are pending till today.

First up is the KK Freeze event, which was held in the City Mall at exactly 8 pm, 20th of April, in conjunction with the World Earth Day. It was also held at the same time in Sunway Pyramid, Petaling Jaya. So officially, Malaysia held its Freeze at 2 places simultaneously. Cool eh. No idea what Freeze is? Well, hop here, the brainchild of this event's site!

I myself was not supposed to attend the event, when Elaine called me that evening telling there's something going on at City Mall. There were already a few people gathering in City Mall's Pizza Hut when I arrived, amongst them Jacq, Amie and Dinoza.

Nevertheless, the event went well. Never had the longest 5 minutes in my life! Anyways, if you're looking for photos, and stories, I suggest you visit my fellow friends' sites, then you might get the best idea what Freezing is...even if it is the slightest of ideas. Big Grin I've seen the photos, they are great! Credit to my photographer friends!

Jacq - Kota Kinabalu’s Freeze World Earth Day
Fara - KK Freeze for World Earth Day
Julian - KK FREEZE at Citymall 2008
Mas - KK Freeze at Citymall
Audrey - FREEZE WORLD EARTH DAY at City Mall, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
Chucky - KK Freeze
Joanna - FREEZE for World Earth Day: Success
Jasmine - Aftermath of KK Freeze at Citymall.
Eudora - KK's Freeze World Earth Day

2433610239_6f1c5b297e_o*The group photo above is taken from Amie, courtesy of the guy in the red long sleeved shirt (errr...isn't that a jacket?) on the right. Hehehe...there Amie, I've mentioned him...Too bad Elaine, Hasli and myself were not in this photo, as we were one of those who went off early...never mind...next time lah...

There is also a video from Dinoza, which is even funnier...hahaha!!! Laughing

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Shemah said...

IYerr... I so wanted to go.. tapi teda transport.. plus, nasib jugak I din go.. because I tot it was siang..
Faham2 lah kan.. orang dalam rumah ni.. ndak tau menau apa yang nun di luar sana. LOL!

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