chelsea 2 man utd 1

The Match of the Season of the Barclays Premier League was played last night, and the match fully lived up to its bill as the 'Battle of the Bridge'. A potential title decider certainly provided everthing; end-to-end stuff, tough tackles flying everywhere, dodgy refereeing decisions (oh...that penalty...), bloody jaw, incensed manager, on-the-line saves (one of them by a forgotten striker!), an offside that was not, argie-bargie among players (especially the one Ferdinand threw to that bastard John Obi 'cry-baby' Mikel), and of course last but not least...the goals. Phew, enough to make me biting my teeth at the edge of my seat. But in the end, Chelsea prevailed, an 86th minute penalty converted by Michael Ballack decided the outcome of the match.

As much as I do not want to admit it, Chelsea deserved it, with Avram Grant winning his tactical battle with Sir Alex Ferguson. There were suspicions about several of Ferguson's tactical decisions from the start (Ronaldo, Evra and Tevez didn't start, only Ronaldo came on as one of Ferguson's substitutes, Giggs started, Scholes didn't, and I am never a fan of 4-5-1!), and questions were still there to be asked when he made his substitutions. We know all too much about the crunch Barcelona tie, but to lose against a team hot on your heels, probably losing your momentum and morale, and probably losing the title back to London, is still unacceptable. And you're not even sure of winning the European title...yet... Confused Trophyless season? Let's hope not... Sigh

United still leads the table, but now level on points with Chelsea. With 2 more matches to go, United will need to win both matches against West Ham at OT and at Wigan on the last day of the season. Going to the wire? Definitely!


Chelsea 2 (Ballack 45, pen 86)
Man Utd 1 (Rooney 57)


On a lighter note, Sunderland is safe after their 3-2 win against Middlesbrough, leaving 6 teams to battle it out against the drop; Wigan, Middlesbrough, Bolton, Reading, Birmingham, Fulham (they lived through another day after beating Man City away 3-2).



Fluxevz said...

im happy chelsea won,coz im a chelsea fan..the part where rooney scored,seriously stupid mistake done by chelsea..hahaha

seweng said...

:) hey flux...thanks for dropping by...

anyway...congrats to ur team tho,the game was great last night...as i said,fit the bill...

come 11th may,may the best team wins... :)

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