my not so weekend... (21/03 - 22/03) - Part 3

I didn't do much in KL Sentral. After having a much needed meal at McDonald's (starving!!!), I took the SkyBus to LCCT to catch my flight back to KK. It was rather early, but my watch showed 5:32 pm when I boarded the bus, so I guess it's okay because I don't have to wait for so long. Remember my flight back to KK is 9:25 pm.

I had to buy time, so I bought Paulo Coelho's The Alchemist. It was good. I recommend it.


I waited, until I felt the time is appropriate to check-in. Just as I finished my checking in, astaga!!! The guy behind the check-in counter told me that the flight kena retimed lagi 2 hours!!! 2 hours and 20 minutes! To 11.45 pm! Kering la ni!!! Kalau telur menetas sudah jadi ayam! Huhuuuu...So kasian... Crying

By the time my flight was announced for boarding, I had finished The Alchemist, had an Esprit (Orange & Tangerine), and chicken lasagna in The Coffee Bean. Plus numerous visits to the loo, and unsuccessful attempts to the internet, through KLIA Wi-Fi. I was too tired already when I boarded the plane, I straight away dozed off. When I woke up, it was caused by a shudder, signalling that the plane had already touched down in KKIA T2.

Hopefully, my journey was worth it. Praying


mangosteenskin said...

wah, bangas lah ko di epot ni? hehe.

email me regarding ur arty request ok. mangosteenskin@yahoo.com.

seweng said...

wahhh cptnya ni post kena komennnnn...

iya...bukan lagi bangas...berulat sdh...

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