my not so weekend... (21/03 - 22/03) - Part 1

I was just reading Ratu's blog about how she spent her weekend. Nice!!! Too bad it wasn't McLaren though, but it's better when you have both drivers on points rather than only one! And the standings still shows that Lewis Hamilton is still numero uno by 3, ahead of Raikkonen and Heidfeld. Oh yeah, and McLaren is still leading the constructor's standings with 24 points followed by BMW Sauber with 19, and Ferrari in THIRD PLACE with only 11 points. It's only the 2nd race of the season. Surely McLaren will bounce back in Bahrain. Go McLaren!


Anyways, my weekend was kinda...hectic, if not eventful. I was lucky that it coincide with the long holidays, and Saturday was declared a 'holiday' (notice the quote-unquote sign, our leave was cut one day...hmmm...) by my company. On Friday I had to fly to KL after receiving a last minute call from Petronas to attend an interview there on Saturday, 9 am. So just like karulann she had to fly back to KK, I meanwhile had to rush to KL. My flight to KL was at 4.25 pm, while my flight back to KK was on Saturday, at 9.25 pm. The flight to KL was okay, except that towards the end of the journey, we had to thread into enormous cloud, causing the plane to shudder a bit. Praying I sat next to the window so I felt compelled to take these photos.




Anyway, I reached LCCT soundly and safely. As soon as I stepped into the LCCT hall, it became apparent that I forgot about one of the biggest annual event in the country. It's the Formula 1 (or F1, or Grand Prix, or..) weekends! It's the time when people from inside and outside the country will throng KL to catch the F1 fever. Well, I knew about it, I had it in my reminder, but the sudden rush of things made it impossible for me to remember everything! Hotels will be full of course! Darn! Where am I going to stay?

Nevertheless, I managed to find a hotel, but by that time, it was already 11 pm, and I was too tired to do anything. Besides, I had to attend an interview the next day, at 9 in the morning! So, I guess it should be time to go to bed, not even time to prepare for the interview... *sigh*

What happened during the interview? Well nothing much...read on, in Part 2... Winking


chegu carol said...

interview with petronas? ok that's a start. *wink*

hope it comes back with good news.

Shemah said...

good luck!!

wow.. beraninya you pegi kl without booking a hotel room first!

seweng said...

chegu carol yeah hopefully carol...praying for the best...

shemah tu la kan...so ignorant...hehehe...nasib jgk la ada sisip2...

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