marilah mari, kita mengundi...

It's ONE day before the General Election, and I can see the election fever isn't as intimidating as in the previous. The continuous, constant, pouring rain doesn't help increase the anticipation either. And I believe the majority of us out there are still pondering hard as to who to vote as our representative in the Government. After 4 years, it's funny that the majority of us out there are still in the cloud about who and what to look for.

Are we going to continue with the allegedly corrupt, unethical, ineffective Government, or shift to an untried, untested, citizen-friendly, welfare-based, and 'could-be-corrupt-also' Opposition?

It's an open secret among those around me that I am not registered as a voter. I believe there are a lot of others out there too. Not that I am being an irresponsible citizen. Hey, I've done a lot to increase the penetration of telecommunications services throughout Sabah okay, and I will continue doing it and other things to increase the country's standard. But what good does it make in voting, if there are no good candidates? Be it from the current Government, or the Opposition.

This echoes in our ex-DPM, Tun Musa Hitam's concern in a newspaper interview recently about the silent majority of us, who has no heart to be a part of the country's democratic exercise anymore. According to the interview, there are 5 million eligible voters not registered, and there are 11 million registered voters in the country. That's one-third of those eligible to vote! Add that up to a few others among those 11 million who might not turnout, it could rise to half! Imagine half of the eligible voters, in the country not voting!

According to him, there are a lot of the people out there who are silent, and not too keen and bothered about the situation now. We have the luxury to wake up in the morning, go to work, go home, sleep peacefully, have good food, go out to shopping complexes, have coffee and tea at mamak stalls, coffee houses, and at the end of the month, get our salary.

He mentioned about the real issue that is gripping the whole country nowadays, which is stomach-ism, the issue of the stomach. It intrigued me because come to think of it, will there be any group of people ever be able to tackle the issue of the stomach? As the years go buy, what guarantee do we have that none of the price of the basic necessities that go into our stomach will not increase? Who can guarantee the price of fuel, which currently stands at $103.95 per barrel, will not increase, when the price is on the rise throughout the globe?

Tomorrow is election day...by midnight we'll be able to swallow in the results whether the current Government will still be in power, or there'll be a shift in paradigm. The Opposition are very optimistic these days, but I still see the contrary happening. Correct me if I'm wrong, if the results favour the Opposition tomorrow. Tongue

I am not in favour of the Government, nor the Opposition. For me, they are all the same. Politicians, in Malaysia, will always be politicians. Whoever is in power, we the Rakyat are the one who suffers. Come to think of it, are we actually suffering? Thinking As long as I can enjoy my life, watch my Manchester United winning the Champions' League on my television at 5 am, and my house is not bombed by some bloody imbecile crooks, it's fine with me.

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