homecoming for dr. kadir rosline...majlis bergunting at kg. bayangan, keningau - 20 march 2008, 12 rabiulawal 1429

During Maulidur Rasul last week, we went to Keningau to attend a majlis bercukur/bergunting at Kg. Bayangan, Keningau. The kenduri was also to comemmorate Uncle Kadir's homecoming from Wales after completing his PhD. So he is officially a 'Doctor' now!!! CONGRATULATIONS! Star

To those who studied in UiTM Menggatal (I know Carol is, don't know who else), yup this is the 'still-Encik' Kadir Rosline you know, before he went overseas. Some of you studied with him also I think. To those who are currently studying in UiTM Menggatal, presenting your Deputy Director. Big Grin

The Majlis began with berzanji, followed by the actual bergunting ceremony, there were 4 children, 3 of them still newborns, the other was Dr. Kadir's son, then followed by the Zohor Jemaah prayers, then ended by the 'makan-makan', which everybody was waiting for! HEHEHE!!! 4 cows were sacrificed, so we were in for a treat!

Here are some photos I took of Uncle Kadir and his family.

Dr. Kadir, his son, and Aunty Dayang

That's Abah renjis-renjis Dr. Kadir's son

Abah had just finished snipping few strands of hair

Cute o kan the son...


Anonymous said...

how old is his son?

seweng said...

dear anonymous,please don't use anonymous again okay...please...

his son is probably 2-3 yrs old..

StuckS said...

i'm not on the picture
lucky :P

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