ding dong...anybody home?

I received a YM message through SMS from Shemah the other day. It read, "hey u! dont stop blogging la bah... :P'. I received that message 3:24:06 am, 2/3/08.

Tongue So I decided to visit ezooone@seweng. There was also one message from JACQ on my CBox, "Yuuuhuuu.. no new updates ka?"

Also there are some comments on my posts. Haven't have the time to read them yet, but I will, probably in a short while. I am lucky my Google PageRank is still at the ultimate figure '1', and none of my advertisers have backed out from ezooone@seweng.

Sigh It's true I haven't been updating anything since my last post. I don't even remember updating anything, not even my life! I don't know what has gone into me, especially inside my head. But I do know that we are only in our 3rd month of 2008, and I have been in a lot of frustrations already. How am I supposed to face the next 9!

However I do keep in touch with my surroundings and such. It was Chinese New Year recently, and as usual, as many other festivities in Malaysia, it was a bang! Our All Saints '98 10 Year Reunion was also a success, and there was actually a mini gathering for St. Agnes '93 Class 6M. Hehehe... Applause

There are a lot of posters around town obviously. Weighing scales, rockets, 2 shaking hands above the map of Sabah, and 2 white crescent moon facing each other (or is it simply an eye?) are few of many other symbols used to represent parties participating in this year's General Election.

On the day my last post was posted, Man Utd drew 1-1 with Spurs, courtesy of Tevez's 'very last minute' goal. That result meant United slipped to 2nd place behind Arsenal. Well, they are still 2nd today. Arsenal hung on to their lead in the BPL (1 point) last Saturday, courtesy of an 'even later last minute' goal by Bendtner. At wits end With 10 to play, every game is still very much to play for. Do not rule Chelsea out of the race. And yes of course, Eduardo broke his leg. Pity the boy. A speedy recovery to you.

Oh yes, my car got hit from the back...AAARRRGGGHHH!!! 1st day of Chinese New Year. 7th February 2008. And it was only out from the workshop last Saturday, 1st March. That's 24 days! WHAT THE!!! Which workshop repairs a dented ass of a car for 24 days?!!?! Waiting OMG!!! Darn! And I had to pay RM 1200 upfront, for insurance excess, and 2nd driver. Yeah, it was my brother who drove. Pity him, I know he didn't mean it. OF COURSE! Doh But RM 1200!!! I have better use for it! I know it's reimbursible, but do they include interest?!

Can anybody tell me what is in store for an Aries this year? Or for a Metal Rooster?

There are many other things, but I guess the important ones are already mentioned. I will keep on blogging Shemah, thanks for making me remember. Winking

See all of you again...Wave

P/s: Shit, now I remember...I have to do a PapaJoneh! I have to bloghop!


Layne said...

Saw you updated your blog through FB. I just want to say something. I hate those posters~~its driving me insane. If I get into an accident because those posters and banners are being cacak and hung irresponsibly, you think I could claim car damages money from either the blue weighing scales, the rockets, etc? They block alot of road view. Cheer up my friend, I got into an accident mid January and my car is still not out from the work shop. Sigh Sigh. This is a long comment...kasi upbeat your blog. Haha! See you around... cheers!

yanti said...

at lasttttt......

Shemah said...

yeahh!! it's about time!! I'm glad you decided not to desert us here.. :)

Don't worry. Hopefully things will look up really soon. My husband also got involved in an accident on his way to work. It was raining heavily. Luckily he's a slowpoke driver and he's fine. He ended up with a bent tre (whatever that means). But the thing was, before he went to work that day, he just changed his tyre. And now, have to fix again. Tsk tsk tsk.

Oh well, glad you're back and keep the blogging ball rolling. :)

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