it's scrum time again!!!

six nations

It's scrum time again! After the hype of the Rugby World Cup last year, the first major rugby event for 2008 will be the Six Nations, which will begin officially today. The premier tournament for the Northern Hemisphere teams will begin with Ireland v Italy followed thereafter by England v Wales. Big boys England and France will certainly be favourites, following their good showing in the last World Cup; the former was a Finalist, the latter was a Semi-Finalist, but never rule out Wales and Ireland. Outsiders Scotland and Italy are also there not to make up numbers, but to show what they are made off. The 6 Nations are always full of upsets and surprises, so expect fireworks throughout the tournament. For those fans who are not able to the matches live, you can get all the rugby news at the 6 Nations official website. There you can check the fixtures and results, team news, as well as interactive games and podcasts. This means you can stay updated with your favourite team whenever and wherever.



I saw this video when a friend of mine, Yan 'YM'ed it to me...hehehe...funny. So funny I decided to share with all of you out there... Laughing

what does it take to wi-fi the entire city...

For those who are aware, we are now blessed with Wi-Fi connections in various places in KK; some free, some involved a sum of fee. In restaurants, shopping complexes, coffee houses, hotels...They are called hot-spots.  Nevertheless, it shows that we here in Sabah are aware of the technology that evolves around us. However I don't think the penetration level in the City itself reaches even 20%. Let alone the entire State.

Which got me thinking, what if we Wi-Fi the whole of KK? Thinking Don't you think it's a good idea? Well, I think so. Some of the cities in Malaysia has already implement it, namely Malacca City and Miri, and it is doing well, according to reports. Although it does not reach the maximum level it should reach, which is 100%, but still it is able to provide the majority of the people an internet connection. And it's free! Internet in the whole city is free!

Why should we be so excited about WiMAX (Yes, I know it's fast! Red Tone Telecommunications is about to roll it out here in Sabah, as well as Sarawak) when we already have a proven technology. After all with the unreliability of our broadband providers (Streamyx, Jaring, Maxis, Celcom, etc), I don't think we will be ready to jump ship as quickly when the rolling out starts. I believe there are lots of things still unexplored using Wi-Fi.

So what do you think people. I know I don't generate enough traffic here in ezooone@seweng, but those who always come by here, I need your ideas and comments on this. What does it take to Wi-Fi the whole, entire Kota Kinabalu, and then provide free Wi-Fi service? What type of equipments do we need? What about the system? What's the revenue like? Who will develop the content? Maybe we can explore new possibilities (i.e. business opportunities eh!) by implementing this idea. Winking Hey, we are so being exposed to the SDC thingy, maybe the Government should take a serious look in this. After all, we still need the budget right? Big Grin


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what is wrong?!

If you read today's The Star, you will find news about two Indonesians fighting to their deaths in Miri in front of hundreds of people. What?! What is wrong with our country? We have murderers, robbers, child molesters, paedophiles, junkies, and now 2 people showcasing their violent nature in front of the society. SICK!

Read about it in electronic version here.

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