wondering and pondering...

Ever wondered what will happen to us when we are old? Well, I sometimes think a lot about it. It's quite scary if you do not plan for it during your youth (errr...I'm still considered quite young by the way...hehehe...). Your action today might determine your fate when you are old. You won't know what is in store for you in the future.

For those of you who are still pondering, and wondering, you might want to visit Bettercaring. What is Bettercaring? Bettercaring is a UK-based care homes search engine. With Bettercaring you will be able to find available care homes throughout the United Kingdom within 1 mile to 100 miles, depending on your place of stay. Sigh, I wish they have this in Malaysia!

However, Bettercaring also provides information on personal and social care, which can prove useful for us in planning for our future needs. It helps you to understand the various choices available in the care system. The care options come in 3 categories;

  • Care at home, where support and help is available while you still remain at your own home,
  • Residential care, which advices you about the residential care services that you will be bound to get, and
  • Finance, where all matters concerning your financial needs in your golden years.

So ladies, and gentlemen, let us start now. Bettercaring might not show the available care centres in Malaysia, but at least we can prepare adequately for our future lives.

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