Last night Sweet and I saw something funny in our beloved City of Kota Kinabalu. The intersection near Center Point, and Sinsuran, and Jalan Dua Puluh, was being resurfaced, on a Saturday night, causing unnecessary traffic jam at the traffic light. Hmmm...Sabah has soooooooo much money, that they are now pouring them to resurface good roads, rather than finishing up the incomplete ones at Jalan Lintas, the old Tuaran Road, the '3rd' flyover, and the so many other bad roads around the state. Sigh Really enhanced my point of 'there-is-no-need-of-an-election-things-will-stay-the-same' stance, Carol. Stupid politicians! All of you are driving Ninja Kings, Prados and Cygnuses, you can't even know that the road is full of potholes! You guys are the laughing stock of the world! Rolling on the floor


chegu carol said...

itu saja bah dorang tau how to spend the rakyat's money....tampal..tampal dan tampal jaraya.

seweng said...

bagus kasi kita...buli jgk jadi kaya...ndak pyh tunggu tu jackpot!

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