e-business anyone?

Ever wondered how people get so much money by doing business online? Thinking Here's a chance for you to try. If you have a catalog of items to be sold, and looking to globalize, or 'internetize' your market, then you should already be using an ecommerce software. Ashop Commerce provides the solution for such services. Its easy-to-use, user-friendly features made it a popular choice for merchants, as it does not require any knowledge in HTML or software programming. Everything is pre-programmed, and any modifications are done with a single click. What's more, there are tutorials and user manuals available online.

Your customers will also be able to do transactions with ease as it accepts credit cards. The shopping carts are integrated with the major banks, and third party processors, including the popular PayPal. No worries, they are secured well, so the customers can do payments with sky-high confidence.

Ashop Commerce is recognized worldwide and it's reputation is enhanced as it was the winner of the Mybusiness 2006 Award. 6 essential criterias are outlined on why Ashop Commerce is the preferred choice:

  • Affordable
  • Easy
  • Technical support and customer service
  • Get found on search engines
  • Customisable design without restrictions
  • Total solution

For those who are looking for ways and means to start your business to the far reaches, this is a great opportunity. Hop on! It has a 10-day free trial, so you can assess the features. But I can assure that none of you will be disappointed. Winking

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