change of plans!

Due to my unsuccessful plan to actually set foot to Australia, now I have to make do with the amount of income that I am getting, rather than going ahead with my original intention to migrate. Worried Errr...unless if I can find a better job, with a much larger company, the outlook, it seems, not good! Not good at all! With a thousand zillion things and places that I plan to do and have and go, I think I need more! Okay I need to plan something here!

Short term plans. Maybe I should turn to ecommerce software. There are lots of unused things in my room, but I can assure you they are still in good condition. Maybe I should catalog them and get involved seriously in business on the net. Hmmm... Thinking

I can't think of anything as the long term plan though, so probably I have to think harder...so that I can upgrade my life! HAH! Time out

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