The winner for this year's Best Motion Picture - Drama Award in the recent Golden Globe, Atonement, is another example of a very, very good movie missed by movie-lovers here in KK. My friend, Candice recently SMSed me from KL (she's in KL for work purposes) asking whether the movie's out in KK or not, and I duly, sadly, answered no. Why are we being treated this way? Crying Don't we deserve something better than what we have now? We have 3 good (if not the best, but good enough!) cinemas, or cineplexes here in the City of Kota Kinabalu; Cathay Cineplex, GSC Kota Kinabalu, and Growball Cinemax.

Anyway, when you look at the nominees for the Best Motion Picture, it is even more frustrating that out of 7, only 1 is shown here, in only 1 cinema, American Gangster, in Growball. The others are already out in the US I suppose. Some will probably be shown in KL, but I really doubt that they will be shown here, in KK, except if you purchase the pirated DVDs!

Here is the full list of the nominees:

Out of the 7, American Gangster, Atonement, The Great Debaters and There Will Be Blood are the movies that I have waiting the most. There are others as well, which I have missed, and will probably miss. Huwaaaa...SOB SOB SOB! Crying

I don't know how the policies of getting the good movies shown here, but I believe there are others out there who are like me, craving for them...Am I right? Why can it be shown in West Malaysia, but never here in the East, or at the very least, our beloved City of Kota Kinabalu...hmmm...Guess we will have to depend on the pirated DVDs lah...Sigh

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