another scandal rocks the nation!

The problem with Malaysia is that we are so used to politicians involved in gross scandals. Some of us are angry, some take it as another comical abstract to fill up the front pages of the news, some of us are confused, some do not even care.

Yet we are still able to chew, swallow, and let it all be. On New Year's Day we were shocked again by a senior politician, who currently holds an important and one of the highest portfolio in the cabinet, who confessed that he is one of the main cast in a sex DVD that is widely in circulation now.

Though his admission of guilt over the issue on national TV deserved some, if not much praise, his refusal to step down from his post voluntarily remains a dubious decision. Instead he puts the decision solely in the PM's hands (how many issues does he have to tackle?). The Star today reported there were 4 cases as similar, and all ended with the resignation of the offenders. There is now a growing debate in the country whether or not he should resign.

How can a Minister, who is supposed to be the model in a diversed and fragile (admit it!) society like Malaysia, be caught up in such activity. Aspects of morality and ethics are certainly put on the table here. The fifth and last principle in our Rukunegara* (National Principles), Kesopanan dan Kesusilaan (Good Behaviour and Morality) is already being overlooked by a Member of Parliament.

He is also in charge of the health of us Malaysians. The Health Ministry is responsible to ensure campaigns to avoid free sex is done at its earnest. Such irony... Surprise

However, there is a growing feel of skepticism amongst us Malaysians that any action will even be taken. We have seen many occurances where nothing is being done to correct the situation. What should be seen as an automatic resignation and political downfall in most countries, is now has to be discussed, and possibilities of back-stabbing and sabotage are deem accountable in such high profile scandal. Ridiculous!

Even the opposition, who were often so loud and brought shrills into the spine of the Government MPs, says it's a personal problem, not the Government's or a certain political party's or a coalition's. Does this mean that whatever that had happened is right and acceptable? There are many confused lots out there!

Wonder what the 'CHAMPION OF WOMEN'S RIGHTS' in Malaysia, is going to say about this. Minister of Women, Family and Community Development, your comments please.

*What is Rukunegara?


Shemah said...

what he did may not be right or acceptable. But when u make a personal decision in your personal life, namely your sex life, do you think about the country, the people, the other ministers, the party? (of course without the knowledge that it'd be on tape) I think not. Whoever does, well, definitely won't get any action in a while. LOL!

It was a personal mistake that cost him the respect of most Malaysians. I think right or wrong, the "holier than thou" attitude of those who condemn him just doesn't appeal to me.

It's sorta like, You take a leak because u'll burst anytime soon.. peeing in public is bad, peeing in your pants is worst. Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

One thing's for sure, he isn't the first and most certainly will not be the last.. the only difference is, not all will be caught on spycams.

seweng said...

:) can't agree more with you shemah...i think the 'holier-than-thou' attitude clouds everything that's good about him...but i think it happens everywhere rite?

but i still think his decision to step down at least kept his dignity intact...so he will need the support from every quarter...

mati la tu hotel,confirm bankrap punya...susah la mo check in mana2 ni...nanti masuk youtube...ndak pasal2 glemer...kwang3...

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