maps anyone?

Hehehe...as everyone can see, there's a map in here...hehehe...and that's my house, and my house...at pin-point accuracy...

Anyone fancy having maps in their blog? I found this website called Nomao while I was editing my AdSense account. Go check it out! Found it quite cool, and the fact that you can actually embed it in your blog made it even better. Maybe Jacq should have it for her KK Food Reviews, right Jacq!


Shemah said...

hahahah!! i can't see or hear the word maps, without having miss teen usa south carolina reciting her answer, in my head. Bidak eh!

seweng said...

errr...nasib baik aku bukan miss teen usa...cuma mr all saints jak!!!HAHAHHA!!!!menyampah la ko tu kan???hehehe...sihat ko sama baby baru?kirim salam sama baby ko ah!

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