loving the festive season!

You know one good thing when festivities come around the corner is, your friends are back!!! Back from all corners of the world!!! Then you will be able to go out, hang around, and reminisce every little bit of your memories with them, together with those who are already here (honourable mentions go to Hasli, Elaine, Bryan, Candice and Deirdre). Hehehe...FUN! Party I know last year there was Neil (NEIL!), Joyce, Michelle, Reiner, Alice, Chan Kok and all. Wait, was that Christmas or this year's Chinese New Year...but still...

This year, Erik was back, Terence, Evelyn Kwan (GOSH! I haven't seen her in years!!!). And I saw Jay Jun (JAY JUN?)! I know some of the others were back too; Ji Yung, Arthur, Lim Yi Farn, Hiromi (sorry Hiromi, a bit too late...) and others, but we have not yet get the chance to meet.

But this year's year-end season was a bit special because I finally caught up with my KAKAK, and BADIK, my long lost sisters (really, they are my sisters, kan kak! Tongue) and errrr...IZHAM Big Grin. I even met Darlene, whom I have not met since 1995, 12 years! Ekekeke, had so much fun with the Sikayuns and the Mogindols.

IMG_3531 IMG_3835 IMG_3548 DSC01548 26122007087 IMG_3566 25122007082 IMG_3485

Ben Liew is also back here until February. He has never been back this long, so I'm happy cause this time can meet him whenever I want. I think he's back here to do his wedding arragements...ekekeke...Everybody, he's getting married on August 8th, 2008! Ben is getting married! KUIKUIKUI! Rolling on the floor

IMG_3483 IMG_3475 IMG_3471 DSC00204

2008 is really around the corner...it's less than 26 hours! Welcome Welcome! Winking Bring on the countdown!


Bads said...

of course we are adik beradik same fringe!!

and you will always be my abang, even though I won't be keeping this hairdo forever :p

and btw, I noticed Kakak jangkit-ing your JJ and Ben with the ugly faces. it's bloody contagious.

seweng said...

yeah...both of you are the sisters i never had...isk isk,suddenly feel so touchy2...ekekek...

and i noticed the 'muka bidak' trend...kakak kan,hishhh...it's contagious,like in 'i am legend'.later tinggal me only yg hensem2,yg lain smua muka bidak...ekekek...:P

chegu carol said...

whats that game on your 2nd pic? i saw my hubby's cousin organised that kind of game for all their guests (tua dan muda)during their annual christmas party. looked like everyone was having fun filling up their time with the game which of course comes with a prize lah.

seweng said...

ekekeke...it's bingo.din we play it while we were in school?yeah,and it comes with a prize too...RM 10 for straight line in the middle, and RM 5 if u cover the whole squares... :) Well, I din win anything... :P

chegu carol said...

haha..Bingo! Serious! It sure has evolved much since i last played it. dulu (or am i just being so outdated?)...only use pen and paper...and u hv to draw the squares urself...hahaha

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