let's get healthy!

Got this tag from Shemah this morning...

Copy the whole thing, skim the list and put a * star beside those that you like. (Check out especially the * starred ones.) Share one of your own health tip (tip on how to be more healthy) with others.Try to make your tip short but informative.Tag at least 2 person.

1. Be happy - Everyday health and beauty
2. Be contented with what God Bless us -chanelwong
3. Be faithful -Ruth
4. Laugh a lot - Chinnee *
5. Take time out for rest and relaxation - Kiasumum
6. A real work out for sweating - Dora
7. Drink lots of water - Sweetiepie
8. Read
my blog everyday, get yourself a Hublot watch and DON'T SMOKE! clip_image001- Ratu Syura
9. Treat yourself to a spa, mani, pedi, hair do, etc. on someone else's dime! - Shemah

10. Go jogging! Or at least walk…10,000 steps = 5 km = 5 rounds at Kompleks Sukan Likas! It burns lotsa calories! Peace Sign - ezooone@seweng

Let's continue this post by tagging the health and food guru, Emelda, and Jacq...

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