Lahad Datu... Tawau...

My last post in ezooone@seweng was posted 17th November 2007, and that was way too long ago (20 days in fact!) During my absence, loads of things had happened; BERSIH, HINDRAF (???), the storm surge caused by Hagibis, the Asean ICT Expo in KL, Shahril resigned, JKR meetings, site visits at various project sites, mettings, meetings, meetings, et cetera et cetera et cetera. And of course, my Aunty Ima went to Makkah for Hajj. Semoga beliau mencapai Haji Mabrur, insyaAllah... Oh yeah, and a few of my friends got married along the way; Grace Soon, Marcella, Along, Fazilah, Fred (again?), congratulations to all of you! Semoga berkekalan sehingga ke anak cucu cicit and so on and so on.Tongue

Even currently I am in Tawau, carrying out some job together with Celcom Timur for Maxis, their station in Kinabutan. I have been in the East Coast of Sabah since Wednesday, when I flew into Lahad Datu. The work wasn't that complicated, but nevertheless it took 2 days to complete it. Today was the day the job was completed (YEAY!!!), with success, and tomorrow we'll be heading back to Kota Kinabalu.

However, yesterday was a day full of anger and frustration for me. I was involved in an accident. What?! How could I make sound so normal?! ConfusedOkay...I guess I was so frustrated I could not feel any remorse anymore. It was self-accident, happened at Km 30 along the Lahad Datu - Tawau road. That particular stretch is a well-known accident prone area, as the road is always slippery. This is because the road is thin-layered with palm oil dripping from the palm oil tankers. The palm oil estates made the road their own to transport their product from one place to another. The fact that now is monsoon season makes matters worse.

Anyway, the accident happened when the road was turning right, I was running at 3rd gear, 50-60 km per hour, I braked, the Hilux SR lost grip of the road, skidded, turned 180°, hit the road barrier, which prevented me from going into a ravine, turned 180° again, and continued skidding into a drain. I didn't manage to get enough photos as my mind was too occupied by the accident, so these 3 were what I took.


Well, help arrived immediately, as our Mobile Team was right behind me at that time. And few moments later, the tow-trucks arrived. To cut the story short, not a single scratch tainted my skin, no bones are broken, no blood was spilled, which was a good thing, very good thing. Alhamdulillah... But the bad thing is, the vehicle! It's a company vehicle!!! And it was just one-week old out of the workshop! (Mind you, the car was involved in a worse accident a month plus ago...) *sigh* Now the Hilux is back at the same workshop, for probably another month. Surely I have to face the wrath of my boss once I get back. *sigh* HAIIYYYAAAA!!! At wits end


JACQ said...

OMG glad you're OK. Hmm.. maybe the car got bad luck or something huh?

seweng said...

thanks.that was what the tow truck driver said,mungkin bad luck.dunno lah...but very glad I'm okay...on another day and time,it could have been much worse!!!

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