apa diorang ingat rakyat ni bodoh ke?! -Part 2-

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Have you read today's Daily Express? I've been waiting for news regarding this issue since long ago, and it finally appeared today, in Daily Express, Page 9. And as expected, they blamed Mother Nature for everything. Why not blame God too? Easier mah kan? Are you trying to play Samy as well? Blame everything else, except yourself! LAME EXCUSE! Well, in case you haven't noticed, you started work way before the monsoon season starts. And if you really work, it should be completed long long time ago! It didn't even reach 1 km for goodness sake! Shame on you

And your concern about your workers almost got run over, well...do you know that we, the motorists, who use the road on a daily basis, are at risk of running into our own accidents as well? So how are you going to compensate that?

Pak Lah, Samy, Musa...pleaselah...we pay taxes also, we voted in the election also, but we don't expect this kind of treatment from you people!

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