apa diorang ingat rakyat ni bodoh ke?!

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These 3 photos you've seen above are just examples of how the authorities or the so called 'bijak-pandai' are trying to fool us 'rakyat's. If you have not notice yet, these pictures were taken in front of City Mall area, along Jalan Lintas, where the 'seemingly taking forever' project is being carried out for the comfort of the people...KONON! And these photos were taken on 15th November 2007. Today is 9th December 2007, 24 days after, the condition has gone from bad to worse, to worser, to worserer! I wish we have those 2 latter words in English dictionaries! Now they are closing the U-turns, telling us to make alternative U-turns at the 'signal', causing MASSIVE and UNNECESSARY traffic jams. Signal mana? Bila mo siap ni?!

Mana JKR (JASA KEPADA RAKYAT), mana YB, mana Menteri, mana Timbalan Menteri, mana Federal, mana State, mana Inginiur, mana IEM, mana BEM? Where is everybody? Pak Lah, tengok la bebudak ngko ni, apa nak jadi ni...

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faizura said...

yup..i'm in kk til 29th dec..eh pandai plak dia cari my blog. blog? i dont write much.. post gambar jak lebih hehe..

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