Aidil Adha 2007

When Aidil Adha arrives, it means that the fifth, the last practice in the Pillars of Islam (Rukun Islam), will be fulfilled. For those who don't go and perform Hajj, they do the Qurban ritual, or the sacrifice of animals. The significance of the ritual is to comemmorate Ibrahim's willingness to sacrifice his son, Ismail in the name of Allah. It also signals the end of the Hajj in Makkah.

Every year we will carry out the practice of Qurban in UiTM. Qurban is to sacrifice animals (sheep, camels, cattle, goats, etc.) in the name of Allah SWT, whereafter the meat will be then distributed to the poor, while some portion will be given to those involved in the practice.

This year was no much difference, except that this year the event was very small in scale; people involved is very small in number, and only 2 small-sized cattles were slaughtered, in comparison to the last Aidil Adha, when 4 huge cattles were downed, and a lot of people were involved. Nevertheless, the ritual went smoothly without any glitches, and due to the scale of the event this year, it finished quite early.

After the short morning prayers, and the khutbah, or sermon, the practice began with the felling of the cattle. The cattle has to be positioned so that it lies on its left chest, with the neck facing towards where the Qiblat is, which is the Holy Ka'abah, in Makkah. Hehehe, I told you the cattle was small Laughing. That's Abah in the striped shirt.


After that the tukang sembelih will make a niat before slaughtering the animal. The slaughtering has to abide certain guidelines such as, the knife has to be very sharp, to minimize pain, and it has to cut through main arteries inside the neck of the animal, called the urat halkum, urat merikh, and 2 urat darah on the left and right side of the neck. And during the slaughtering, we praise Allah SWT by reciting his name and say our sholawats to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).



After that, the cattle would be skinned, and the meat will be completely seperated from its bones. When all is done, the meat, the bones, the internal organs, and everything that can be turned into food, will be distributed accordingly into parts, to those who were involved in the Qurban, and for the poors. The whole process, started at about 9 am, and was complete at around noon.


The real work starts...now!


Abah sharpening his knife


The process of skinning


Abah cutting the meat from the leg


Ustaz Rostam doing what he does well...hacking the bones...hehehe... Big Grin


The internal organs of the cow; heart, lungs, liver, et cetera...


Abah sharpening his knife, again...


and again...


the gotong-royong concept, always in place in our community...


The end product...our portion of the cattle...hehehe...siuk la ni makan sup...Batting Eyelashes


Abah and Ajan cleaning the mess...


After we were done with everything, a visitor came to pay a visit!

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