Sepuluh Tahun Sebelum Merdeka

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I was trying to comprehend what the keris was all about when I decided to do a little bit of research on the history of the flag of UMNO, and UMNO itself. It brought me to Sang Saka, the name given to the red-over-white flag,
which is also the current Indonesian flag, except that there's a green keris in a yellow circle in the middle.

Then I found this video featuring a short documentary by Fahmi Reza aptly entitled Sepuluh Tahun Sebelum Merdeka. This short yet effective documentary told us the story about the Hartal (what is Hartal?), which is a nationwide strike by the people of Malaya on 20th October 1947. It was staged as a demonstration against the Perlembagaan Persekutuan (Federation Constitution), proposed by the British at that time. The Hartal was one of the highlights of the struggles of the Malayan people at that time towards self-rule, by the country's first multi-racial alliance, PUTERA-AMCJA. Unfortunately, the event was never regarded as an important chapter in the country's history.

The documentary centered around 5 individuals, the so-called 'leftists', who were involved directly to the struggles. En. Yahya Nassim (Deputy Treasurer of PKMM), Mr. Lim Kean Chye (Founding Member of MDU), En. Hashim Said (PKMM Member), En. Zainuddin Andika (PKMM Member) and En. Majid Salleh (
President of Johor FTU). Although I'm a bit behind the schedule to find this documentary, but this is one bit part of our history which had a huge role towards building the landscape of our society and community.

What intrigued me was how our history was so twisted, and so forgotten, that it is a crime if we even try to put it aside. It's so inspiring when En. Yahya said "takde orang putih pun boleh jugak" in reference to the mentality of the Malays which changed after WWII, and "tak tau orang putih kapal terbang ada, kapal laut ada, kapal selam ada. Itu kita nak lawan?" quoted by En. Majid, which showed an apparent weakness among the Rakyat that time when the thought of Merdeka was put forward.

I feel I have no need to say more. Below is Part 1 of the video. There are 4 parts in all, and click this link for the director's blogsite.

Berikan saya 10 orang pemuda, maka akan bisa saya goncangkan dunia - Sukarno

PUTERA - Pusat Tenaga Rakyat
AMCJA - All-Malayan Council of Joint Action
PKMM - Pertubuhan Kesatuan Melayu Merdeka
MDU - Malayan Democratic Union
FTU - Federated Trade Union

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