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Tonight we had an interesting topic over dinner. My mom was fretting about the conditions of the toilets in the shopping complexes in the City. She complained that the 50 cents charge at one of the top and latest shopping complexes, did not serve any justice to the customers. Which is...............ABSOLUTELY TRUE!!! C'mon, even to charge 20 cents is an injustice to us already.

How can they charge 50 cents (or 20 cents, or even 5 cents!) when there's no water, no toilet papers, no soap, broken taps, and all sorts of problems. The purpose of a toilet, or 'water' closet (WC) in some places, is to have running water, before anything else! And I suppose there's no need to mention about hygiene and cleanliness lah...wayyyyyy out of this world! Punyala KUTURRR!!! BAU LAGIKKK!!!

Please lah people, can somebody take charge...buli ka...save our City's image! What is the building's management doing? Where's the City Council's Enforcement people? Mana DBKK? Why are you guys cheating and deceiving the people of Sabah, and others around the world? We have soooo many public toilets in the City and I can tell you that not even one is in its best condition. I thought our focus is tourism, and I thought we need to impress the visitors from all over the world. How can we impress them if we can't even solve one simple public problem? Not even the toilets at the 1st Beach Tg. Aru is clean.

I am so proud that Kota Kinabalu, as we can see, obviously, is expanding rapidly. New buildings, transport systems,
bigger international airport, new shopping complexes. I believe every city dwellers can't hardly wait for the 1 Borneo to be completed. But can you imagine a shopping complex of its reputation having toilets like these?

I remember not so long ago people were complaining about a shopping complex in KL charging customers RM2. Well, I wish we have that kind of toilet here. Charge us RM5, we won't mind! I think the recent 'BERSIH' rally in KL should be done here instead.


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Layne said...

I agree... tadi just after we met you at this top of the range shopping mall, we went to the toilet which charged 50cents. Melissa came out complaining what the 50cents was for. I think it has to do with our people's hygienne mentality. We are just not there yet.

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