amazing people in my life... Part 1

Last night, while behind my wheel, I was reminiscing about the people who made who and what I am today, who made my life so colourful. Of course there are so many of them, but there are few names that really deserves mention. So, as a glowing tribute to them, I am going to 'story-story' about who these people are. Enjoy...

Numero Uno
My Parents
Mr. Zainuddin Osman & Mrs. Lim Zairah Lim Ali
Abah & Ami

Well, who else should come first! They are my idols! They were there, still here, and will always be forever, for me and my brother. They brought up the human in me. It was them who ensured life is full of its ups, and its downs, that it is worse than a roller coaster. It was them who made life seems so systematic, so full of time tables. I remember when I was still in my primary school years, my days were so full of activities, and one of those was to sleep in the afternoon...hehehe...it's a must you know, if not kena rotan! WOW!!! Where can you get that nowadays?!

What made them successful in instilling the qualities and the values of life into both of us siblings is that they have tasted the bitter pills of life. Life was never easy for them. They had to work their socks off to get to where they are now. Abah came from a family where life is hard, in Kuala Lumpur. During his childhood and teenage years, he lived in a squatter home, and although he eventually moved out to lead a better life as a lecturer in UiTM, Opah (Abah's mother) and few of my aunties and my uncle were still living in the same place until 2005, until they were given a proper house by the Government. Ami came from the fishing village of Semporna, the daughter of a civil servant and a housewife. Her drive and desire to see her children become a success story is incredible, if not spectacular. In 2002, she finally got her own taste of success and satisfaction when she received her Diploma through distance learning in UiTM.

I am sure my life would not be as what it is today. Age and time certainly has caught up with us, Abah underwent his angioplasty in 2000, Ami underwent complete hysterectomy earlier this year. I have to carve a smile in my face to see that they are reaping what they have worked so hard for. I can't imagine how life would be without them. But in some aspects, everything remains the same. Abah is still the same old Abah, Ami is still Ami, what mothers are supposed to be, while as for my brother and myself, we play the roles of the children, trying to disagree to everything that is being said! HAHAHA! Just to make life a little bit interesting, and put some colour in it.

Deep inside, you know we love you both...

See you in Part 2...

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myfisol said...

tribute to the parent.Nice posting

after all, we are not be blogging without them

cheers mate!

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