amazing people in my life... Part 1

Last night, while behind my wheel, I was reminiscing about the people who made who and what I am today, who made my life so colourful. Of course there are so many of them, but there are few names that really deserves mention. So, as a glowing tribute to them, I am going to 'story-story' about who these people are. Enjoy...

Numero Uno
My Parents
Mr. Zainuddin Osman & Mrs. Lim Zairah Lim Ali
Abah & Ami

Well, who else should come first! They are my idols! They were there, still here, and will always be forever, for me and my brother. They brought up the human in me. It was them who ensured life is full of its ups, and its downs, that it is worse than a roller coaster. It was them who made life seems so systematic, so full of time tables. I remember when I was still in my primary school years, my days were so full of activities, and one of those was to sleep in the afternoon...hehehe...it's a must you know, if not kena rotan! WOW!!! Where can you get that nowadays?!

What made them successful in instilling the qualities and the values of life into both of us siblings is that they have tasted the bitter pills of life. Life was never easy for them. They had to work their socks off to get to where they are now. Abah came from a family where life is hard, in Kuala Lumpur. During his childhood and teenage years, he lived in a squatter home, and although he eventually moved out to lead a better life as a lecturer in UiTM, Opah (Abah's mother) and few of my aunties and my uncle were still living in the same place until 2005, until they were given a proper house by the Government. Ami came from the fishing village of Semporna, the daughter of a civil servant and a housewife. Her drive and desire to see her children become a success story is incredible, if not spectacular. In 2002, she finally got her own taste of success and satisfaction when she received her Diploma through distance learning in UiTM.

I am sure my life would not be as what it is today. Age and time certainly has caught up with us, Abah underwent his angioplasty in 2000, Ami underwent complete hysterectomy earlier this year. I have to carve a smile in my face to see that they are reaping what they have worked so hard for. I can't imagine how life would be without them. But in some aspects, everything remains the same. Abah is still the same old Abah, Ami is still Ami, what mothers are supposed to be, while as for my brother and myself, we play the roles of the children, trying to disagree to everything that is being said! HAHAHA! Just to make life a little bit interesting, and put some colour in it.

Deep inside, you know we love you both...

See you in Part 2...

smile... :)

A little break before I finish my office session...

Senyum, janganlah tension-tension


Man : Bapa aku hebat. Dia polis. Semua orang takut ngan dia.

Ali : Eleh, bapa aku lagi terer. Kalau dia suruh orang tunduk, mesti orangtu tunduk.

Man : Wow! Bapa kau keja apa?

Ali : Tukang gunting rambut.


Ayah : Apasal B.I kamu nie asyik dapat kosong jer...! Apasal hah?

Anak : Eh, ayah! Tu bukan kosong. Tadi cikgu adik dah kasi bintang banyakkat bebudak lain. Ada dapat 5 bintang la, 4 bintang la. Bila turn adikjer, bintang dah abis. Sebab tu cikgu bagi kat adik bulan.


Doktor : Encik kena ambil 3 sudu ubat ni setiap hari.

Pesakit : Eh! tak boleh la doktor.

Doktor : Kenapa?

Pesakit : Rumah saya ada dua sudu jer.


Cikgu : Hasan,sambungkan 2 ayat ini menjadi satu. 'Ali menaiki

basikal ke sekolah. Ali ternampak mayat.'

Hasan : Ali ternampak mayat menaiki basikal ke sekolah.


Cikgu : Encik,anak awak didapati meniru Ali dalam exam.

Bapa : Apa bukti awak?

Cikgu : Encik tengok soalan nombor 4 nie. Siapakah menemui Pulau Pinang?Seman tulis "Saya tak tahu"dan anak encik tulis "Kalau engkautak tahu, aku lagi la tak tahu".


Suatu petang datang seorang lelaki berumur ke kelinik ENT, kerana telinganya dimasuki biji kacang hijau semasa dia membeli barang dapur di pasar.

Doktor : "Selamat petang..."

Pesakit : "Selamat petang Doktor!"

Doktor : " Ada masaalah apa ...?"

Pesakit : "Telinga saya dimasuki biji kacang hijau, Doktor..."

Doktor : "Biar saya periksa telinga anda!"

setelah diperiksa....

Doktor : " Ada2 cara untuk mengeluarkan biji tersebut..."

Pesakit : "Apa caranya doktor?"

Doktor : "Pembedahan kecil kosnya 2 ribu ringgit dan pilihan kedua

pula percuma..."

Pesakit : "Mahal sangat Doktor, kalau yang percuma bagaimana?"

Doktor : "Yang percuma kena sabar..."

Pesakit : "Baik, saya sabar, dan bagaimana caranya...?"

Doktor : "Anda siram telinga anda 2 kali sehari dan nanti jika

sudah jadi tauge anda tarik keluar."

Pesakit : "Huh"

go Sabah!

Have you read today's Daily Express? In case you haven't, do you know that we have the only female MiG-29 fighter pilot in the world? Well, I don't, I just knew about it this morning!!! Cool! Hehehe, and she's from Sabah! She is Captain Patricia Yapp Syau Yin. According to reports, she first flew the MiG-29 'Fulcrum' in 1998. How come it never came out in the papers? or in the news? Hissshhhhh...or is it me yg jarang baca paper, or watch the news? Errrr...

And now she's vying to become the first Malaysian female astronaut. Go Sabah Go!

save our city...

Tonight we had an interesting topic over dinner. My mom was fretting about the conditions of the toilets in the shopping complexes in the City. She complained that the 50 cents charge at one of the top and latest shopping complexes, did not serve any justice to the customers. Which is...............ABSOLUTELY TRUE!!! C'mon, even to charge 20 cents is an injustice to us already.

How can they charge 50 cents (or 20 cents, or even 5 cents!) when there's no water, no toilet papers, no soap, broken taps, and all sorts of problems. The purpose of a toilet, or 'water' closet (WC) in some places, is to have running water, before anything else! And I suppose there's no need to mention about hygiene and cleanliness lah...wayyyyyy out of this world! Punyala KUTURRR!!! BAU LAGIKKK!!!

Please lah people, can somebody take charge...buli ka...save our City's image! What is the building's management doing? Where's the City Council's Enforcement people? Mana DBKK? Why are you guys cheating and deceiving the people of Sabah, and others around the world? We have soooo many public toilets in the City and I can tell you that not even one is in its best condition. I thought our focus is tourism, and I thought we need to impress the visitors from all over the world. How can we impress them if we can't even solve one simple public problem? Not even the toilets at the 1st Beach Tg. Aru is clean.

I am so proud that Kota Kinabalu, as we can see, obviously, is expanding rapidly. New buildings, transport systems,
bigger international airport, new shopping complexes. I believe every city dwellers can't hardly wait for the 1 Borneo to be completed. But can you imagine a shopping complex of its reputation having toilets like these?

I remember not so long ago people were complaining about a shopping complex in KL charging customers RM2. Well, I wish we have that kind of toilet here. Charge us RM5, we won't mind! I think the recent 'BERSIH' rally in KL should be done here instead.


:'( monday blues...

Everything seems not to bode very well with me today. And the fact that it's a Monday really made Monday's reputation worse. I have not yet recovered from my mood which went down the drain over the weekends, then in the morning all of us got 'bambu'd in the progress meeting, and just now (yes, just!) I found out that my iPod is badly damaged...huwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!


Sea of Skin

Found this Vaseline advert on YouTube. Brilliant! Makes you think how important the largest organ on our body is...the skin...

knockout stage here we come...

So last night United won, 4-0, and made it 4 wins out of 4 in the group. Pique scored the opening goal, his first for the club, while the usual suspects Tevez, Rooney and Ronaldo got the others. Can they lift the Champions' League trophy this season? You bet!

Pique celebrating his first goal for the club with Vidic

Tevez scoring the second goal

Ronaldo, Rooney, Simpson celebrate the last goal of the game

Hail Sir Alex!

A Happy 21st Anniversary to Sir Alex Ferguson at Manchester United. Let us celebrate with a win tonight eh, and early qualification to the knockout stage...
Hail Sir Alex!

Sepuluh Tahun Sebelum Merdeka

I have been away from ezooone@seweng for a while. Been busy...

I was trying to comprehend what the keris was all about when I decided to do a little bit of research on the history of the flag of UMNO, and UMNO itself. It brought me to Sang Saka, the name given to the red-over-white flag,
which is also the current Indonesian flag, except that there's a green keris in a yellow circle in the middle.

Then I found this video featuring a short documentary by Fahmi Reza aptly entitled Sepuluh Tahun Sebelum Merdeka. This short yet effective documentary told us the story about the Hartal (what is Hartal?), which is a nationwide strike by the people of Malaya on 20th October 1947. It was staged as a demonstration against the Perlembagaan Persekutuan (Federation Constitution), proposed by the British at that time. The Hartal was one of the highlights of the struggles of the Malayan people at that time towards self-rule, by the country's first multi-racial alliance, PUTERA-AMCJA. Unfortunately, the event was never regarded as an important chapter in the country's history.

The documentary centered around 5 individuals, the so-called 'leftists', who were involved directly to the struggles. En. Yahya Nassim (Deputy Treasurer of PKMM), Mr. Lim Kean Chye (Founding Member of MDU), En. Hashim Said (PKMM Member), En. Zainuddin Andika (PKMM Member) and En. Majid Salleh (
President of Johor FTU). Although I'm a bit behind the schedule to find this documentary, but this is one bit part of our history which had a huge role towards building the landscape of our society and community.

What intrigued me was how our history was so twisted, and so forgotten, that it is a crime if we even try to put it aside. It's so inspiring when En. Yahya said "takde orang putih pun boleh jugak" in reference to the mentality of the Malays which changed after WWII, and "tak tau orang putih kapal terbang ada, kapal laut ada, kapal selam ada. Itu kita nak lawan?" quoted by En. Majid, which showed an apparent weakness among the Rakyat that time when the thought of Merdeka was put forward.

I feel I have no need to say more. Below is Part 1 of the video. There are 4 parts in all, and click this link for the director's blogsite.

Berikan saya 10 orang pemuda, maka akan bisa saya goncangkan dunia - Sukarno

PUTERA - Pusat Tenaga Rakyat
AMCJA - All-Malayan Council of Joint Action
PKMM - Pertubuhan Kesatuan Melayu Merdeka
MDU - Malayan Democratic Union
FTU - Federated Trade Union
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