"Musza may go on Umno Youth roadshow: Khairy"

That was the headline that caught my eye in the Daily Express this morning. My first thought was, "Oh no, not again...".

One of my few posts has already touched politics in sports and now this. I am not sitting on the opposite side of the government, nor am I an avid government supporter. But please stop using any particular party to take advantage of our national hero. He should remain neutral and not be seen as someone who has taken sides. His efforts are his own, although we have to realize that without the Government's funding, we might not have our first Angkasawan until this very moment. But without his determination and the strength to fulfill his fellow countryman's dream, he will not achieve what he has achieved.

I agree with Mr. Jeff Ooi when he explained about Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar being 'only' a space participant and not a full-fledged astronaut. He also urged the public to get the correct perception to spare him from being a n
ational joke, rather than a national icon. For me, he is still our hero, and deserved all the accolades that he will receive once he is back. Like what Jeff Ooi said, that's why you call a spade, a spade.

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Shemah said...

Yeah.. I agree with you! Why can't some people just be proud of him instead of making a mockery out of our very first Angkasawan.

See lah if they can tahan kena an 8.5 G force upon them. Some even said that he's only there to do "teh-tarik in space". Teruk kan??

Hmm.. the mindset of some people..

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