"Musza may go on Umno Youth roadshow: Khairy"

That was the headline that caught my eye in the Daily Express this morning. My first thought was, "Oh no, not again...".

One of my few posts has already touched politics in sports and now this. I am not sitting on the opposite side of the government, nor am I an avid government supporter. But please stop using any particular party to take advantage of our national hero. He should remain neutral and not be seen as someone who has taken sides. His efforts are his own, although we have to realize that without the Government's funding, we might not have our first Angkasawan until this very moment. But without his determination and the strength to fulfill his fellow countryman's dream, he will not achieve what he has achieved.

I agree with Mr. Jeff Ooi when he explained about Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar being 'only' a space participant and not a full-fledged astronaut. He also urged the public to get the correct perception to spare him from being a n
ational joke, rather than a national icon. For me, he is still our hero, and deserved all the accolades that he will receive once he is back. Like what Jeff Ooi said, that's why you call a spade, a spade.


Just finished our meeting in the office, and you know what was the greatest piece of advice I got from my boss during the meeting? No, it's not "work harder" or "increase productivity" or "cut unnecessary expenses", but to "think carefully before using your credit cards, don't use it excessively", and "do not buy car now", and to "do savings". The reason? Next year is the best year for economic recession, since next year is the 10th year anniversary of the last recession. So that means interest rate will be increased.

So, it's phewwww, I already have a car, and darn, I still have my credit card(s)!!! Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, I suggest we heed the advice lah. Any financial advisors out there? Please advice...

Hongkies, Indonesian, Singaporean, Malaysian

Got this through an email from a friend...

Being Hongkies is good because...

  1. We are Hongkies and not Chinese.

  2. We can talk and shout and nobody gives a damn.

  3. Jackie Chan is our icon.

  4. We can live in a 5' x 5' cubicle and call it luxury apartment. We even need to pay $10,000 a month for this cubicle.

  5. Our children can speak Cantonese at a young age.

  6. We get to blame everything on Feng Shui or Tung Chee Hwa or the mainland communists.

  7. Gambling is more interesting than sex. Macau is the place to for thrills!

  8. We produce a lot of Miss Hong Kong to the enjoyment of the rich and famous.

We love being Singaporean because...

  1. We are not Malaysians.

  2. Everyone (especially the Malaysian) hates us, except ourselves.

  3. Famous for Orchard Road and we love Geylang. Geylang is the place to go for thrills!

  4. We have our own island.

  5. We will never ever have yucky chewing gum stuck under our shoes.

  6. We know how to enjoy our vacation in Malaysia - keep a few RM50 notes before you enter the highway: You can throw anything, anytime, anywhere and always wash our cars at the resort.

  7. We can speed up to 180 kilometers per hour and not ending up with a summon as long as we have RM50 with us to spare.

  8. The men are always concerned, first question to ask a girl "Do you have CPF?"

  9. Never fear of getting lost in our country - S$20 taxi ride will get you into the sea. Hahaha!

  10. We'll never have to worry about finding Mr or Ms right because the government will find one for us.

  11. 1 Singapore dollar = 2.5 Ringgit... nyek nyek nyek.

  12. It's OK to be Kiasu. It's part of our culture.

Top reasons for being Indonesian are as follow...

  1. We are not Australian.

  2. We live in the biggest country in South East Asia.

  3. No pirates in Indonesia water if you exclude the Navy and Coast guards.

  4. Everything is cheap, even our salaries...

  5. We can blame everything to Suharto or BJ Habibie or Gus Dur or Megawati or who's next?

  6. Only in Indonesia you can get involved in real demonstrations daily for different causes and see no results.

  7. Our Rupiah is like a Yo Yo, it can go up and down just because IMF say so...

  8. We burn everything and nobody gives a damn. We cause haze all over the South East Asia and nobody can do a thing... nyek nyek nyek.

  9. We don't need fire fighters as our neighbours will provide...

Being a Malaysian is the best because...

  1. World tallest twin towers, Best F1 circuit, largest roti canai, most expensive toll rates, ...because Malaysia Boleh!

  2. We can be driving, picking our nose, cursing another driver, talking on the handphone, adjusting the radio and bribing the traffic police at the same time.

  3. We divorce by sending SMS.

  4. Traffic summon can be settled on the spot with the traffic police.

  5. We have Teh Tarik & Roti Canai on the Russian space ship.

  6. We can save a lot of electricity b'coz our TV shows are so crappy.

  7. We can blame everything on the haze or George Soros or government or opposition parties or...

  8. Resourceful City Council, one person to drive the van, one to carry the ladder, one to change a street's bulb and three others watching...

  9. We make 2 lane trunk roads into 3 lane highway and back to 2 lane when polices are sighted

  10. There's always something for the JKR to do. They dig, resurface the road, dig and resurface...

  11. All main roads are designated highway because it gives Velooo a reason to collect toll.

  12. Our government can never be wrong.

  13. Our badminton players can only win on home grounds because we are kampung champions.

  14. We have more water than Singapore ... nyek nyek nyek.

After reading the above, I believe you will agree with me that being Malaysian is still the best. You have to be glad that you are a Malaysian and enjoy staying in Malaysia!


raya 2007 open house at 10, lorong bunga raja 6...

Finally we had our Hari Raya Open House yesterday. Our family friend, Uncle Roslan and family were the earliest to arrive wearing all red (glory glory man utd!!!) save for his eldest daughter Fiqah, who was not in red (I think it was blue...hmmm...). Fiqah ndak support MU ka uncle? Then after that the floodgates just opened, and the konon tutup rumah at 3 pm, in the end we tutup at 9 pm!

Our last guests were my Aunty Damit and family, my Aunty Dayang Kasmah and family, and Aunty Dayang and Husband. Punya sibukkkk...mo layan tetamu pun ndak dapat...nasib ada JJ mo tolong2 di dapur...thanks sweetheart...and so sorry it ended up that way for you. Hehehe...a success story of 'openhousing' I guess. :)

To all those who came, especially my St. Agnes mates, All Saints mates, Maribumi and ex-Maribumi mates, Mr. and Mrs. Loriot, Kak Joe, Yan, As, Iena, (Mia wish you were there!!!) kalau ndak terlayan tu, mintak maaf banyak2...and thank you so much. To those yang ndak datang, well we always have next year kan. To those yang terndak kena jemput, mungkin terlupa la tu, well, we always have next year jugak, lagipun Syawal 1 bulan bahhh...

welcome back Dr Sheikh Muszaphar

Our very own Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar, has landed safely yesterday, albeit off the designated target, veering 340 km to the west, at 6:37 pm Malaysian time. A Cosmonaut, an Astronaut, an Angkasawan, a 'space participant', whatever you call him, he fulfilled the dreams of all Malaysians being the first citizen from the country to go into space.

The Soyuz TMA-10 capsule which brought him back to Earth, together with commander Fyodor Yurchikhin and Oleg Kotov, landed in Kazakhstan at 6.37pm Malaysian time. A recovery team comprising six military Russian helicopters later located the capsule and brought out the cosmonauts at 6.52pm, beginning with Yurchikhin, followed by Dr Sheikh Muszaphar and finally Kotov.

Reports say a 2nd space programme is up for grabs in 2010-2011. Bah, apa lagiiiiiiii...sapa lagi mo pigi space angkat tangann!!! Errrr...MALAYSIA BOLEHHH!!!

*Photos courtesy of NST and Star Online


and then there was lim keng liat...

Two nights ago i bumped into my ex-classmate, Mr. Alex Lim Keng Liat. As you may recall, he was the great Malaysian swimmer, born and bred in Sabah, before he went to the US to eventually achieve his dreams. after much travelling and swimming; in meets, the SEA games, Asian games, Olympics, World Championships, and meeting a lot of famous characters in the process, he finally called it a day after last year's edition of the Asian games in Doha, Qatar.

Currently he's a coach in KK for our state swimmers. We talked about lotsa things; school, life, sports (of course!), work (sighhhh...), et cetera et cetera. Then came the question of the day. "What is wrong with sports in our country?"

He simply answered, "mental". No it's not "mental" as in "psycho" or anything as similar, but most of our athletes are simply not prepared to face the challenge of the international stage. Well, as an asian games gold medallist in '98 and various other accolades in international stage, who can deny his response? There are also athletes who deserve to be mentioned; Nicol David, Brian Nickson, 'some' of our badminton players, and 'some' others whom are recognized world-class athletes. But I believe these few don’t make up the 27 million we have in our country. We even lost out to the Thais and Indonesians, and to some extent, the Singaporeans.

He cited the reason for this lack of mental strength is merely down to the absence of education we have inside the minds our athletes. As an athlete who was educated in the United States, he knows what type of athletes the US is producing. But I thought we have the NSC, NSI, OCM, the various universities offering Sports Sciences courses, the various Sports Schools; in Bukit Jalil, Bandar Penawar, the various Sports Complexes throughout the country, the high performance sports center in Brickendonbury, London. What are all these places for? What are the people running it doing? There has to be something wrong somewhere. Hmmmm…

Another factor he mentioned is that our sports institution has been infested too much politically. The level of political interferences inside our sports association is tremendously and scandalously and blatantly, astronomic. Some our coaches have to make do with chosen athletes, not those who qualified on merit. Sighhhh…

So after all these whining, what are we supposed to do? Well, as usual, and unfortunately, nothing!!! That is the most frustrating thing!!!

Oh yeah, the Malaysian football team lost 4-1 to Bahrain last night in Bahrain in the first leg of the Asian Zone 2010 World Cup Qualifiers, our Under-16 team lost to North Korea 4-0 in the AFC Under-16 qualifiers in Singapore, and the MyTeam 2 team lost to the Indonesian team 2-0. OOOOKKKKKK!!!


in the beginning there was nothing...

:) been thinking about my own blogsite since long,but never had the chance to start,until now.

haha...now that i have my own,i don't know what to put inside...hmmm maybe i should just put some cosmetics first on my site,then i'll think about what to write.ciao...

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